i guess i got super white girl problems.

*•.ɛïɜ .•* *¨♥¨**•.ɛïɜ .• *

so true!

Super White Girl Problems

Yes, all the books that I bought at the tiny bookstore in the mall so I can pick which to read first.

pretty much everyday

so true HAHA! Why do we do this?

haha always have this problem

-.- Super White Girl Problems _ My sister sent this to me. True but mean

lazy girl problems

white girl problems

super white girl problems

super white girl problems, i tell people my hair is short and they look at me like i'm crazy.....it's like two inches above my belly button....that's too short!!!


Lazy Girl Problems


i could write lists all day long. now actually doing what is on the list....questionable.

Short People Problems