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  • Stephanie Duffy

    There's massive bloodshed in Syria and human rights abuses in Africa and China, yet we Americans get pissy over a chicken chain's CEO's morals? This is bullshit...He's should have just as much right to say how he feels as I do to say how I feel...I feel gay marriage is NO different than straight marriage, and I have a right to say so!

  • Angela Mentzer

    Let's ask the Christian president of a restaurant chain that isn't open on Sunday his view on gay marriage and act surprised and out-raged when we don't like the answer.

  • Sarah Culter

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Sara Ollerton

    Chick-fil-a... seriously people

  • Abbie Cleek

    It doesn't matter if you are Christian, atheist, democrat, or republican. Whatever you believe, if you do not fight for freedom of speech you will soon be completely owned and controlled by the government.

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