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Detroit, 1973/2010 | Retronaut I love to see photographs of the decaying buildings in Detroit, it makes me sad that so much is being allowed to rot when it was once so beautiful but I think it is also a statement on our society.

Detroit then and now. Nostalgia.

The Ruins of Detroit. It's a shame that so much of the architectural history of America is falling into disrepair.

Abandoned Michigan Central Railroad Station, Detroit, MI. It was so very beautiful....I can remember the long, long ride into the city from our farm. My Dad would put me on the train to go visit family in Indiana. What a sight to take in for a little farm girl. I remember those huge ornate columns was a work of art...

Detroit. Prior to the fire in Fall 2012 at Imagination Station

Detroit Destination Poster highlights the popular streets, towns, and destinations in metro Detroit.

Detroit...urban decay in many American cities. Glad to see many places revitalizing their cities...our own, Birmingham, AL seeing many improvements in last few years.

It's a shame but not only this abandoned in Detroit but they have schools open almost as bad....

Detroit Uno Postcards - I have got to get some of these!

Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI - though if you're actually from the area, you ALWAYS call it the Ren Cen :)