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  • nikki. ✨

    Random fact: You only have to worry about store bought frozen cake batter. If you make cookie dough from scratch or fresh, it is 100% safe. ;) It's the preservatives in the flour in store-bought stuff.

  • Marissa Sayers

    Brownie batter, Cookie dough, cake batter..

  • Amanda Ridge

    Haha!! Cookie dough, cake batter.. Totally worth it.

  • Rachel Wilson

    Cookie dough, cake batter, I dig it all. Haha this is totally me!

  • Terri Mason

    Cookie dough, cake batter, I dig it all. So my life haha

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This will be me today, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Yes, and cookies, brownies and anything else covered, smothered, dipped, dunked, infused, injected, topped, candied or baked with chocolate!

haha! Unless your house is so huge you have many living areas specifically designated for guests! (Not me)

Hmmm... interesting! If you work out an hour every day, that's about 15 days a year spent working out. Let's take out sleeping time for that. That's about 23 days of awake time a year. If you do that for 50 years, you spend 1150 days or a little over 3 years exercising. Research shows exercising can add 3.5-3.7 years on to one's life. This meme is actually quite accurate!!

Nothing shows maturity better than a good public fight on the Internet. Oh look, they turned on the caps lock. This is serious now.

With my new diet I'm hoping to reach my original weight of 6lbs 7ozs. HA HA HA!!!

They say we should be eating more raw foods. That's all I needed to hear to whip up another batch of cookie dough.

First, it's the laptop. After that, it's the iPad, then the iPod. This is my hubby and I... almost every night!