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      10 min workout for those days you don't have alot of time.

    • Megan Greene

      outer thighs, hips

    • Daniela Castillo

      10-Minute Workout: Hips, Hips, Away! - This express workout targets a favorite trouble zone: your hips. Do this 10-minute workout developed by Marcus Minier, three times a week, along with five days of cardio, and we guarantee that you'll have the slimmer hips you deserve in no time!

    • Cassie Carabello

      10 minute workout for hips, butt, thighs & quads

    • Jenn Kinsel

      10 minute hip workout

    • Valarie Foster

      5 Exercises for Slimmer Hips Thunder thigh queen no more!!

    • Lorel Taylor

      *10-Minute Leg Workout

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