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N Girard - Design Montage 13 by Nicolas Girard. new website & reel breakdown at

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the new reel. 90% of this was made in the past 16 months, 2011-2012. Mostly done with After Effects, with a touch of Photoshop and Flash. All design, animation and direction in the reel by me. For more work, head over to Thanks to everyone who made the work and, by extension, my life possible- friends, colleagues, clients and inspirations. Couldn't do any of this without you. Here's to another good couple of years ...

Showreel of screen design work for various films that Marc Coleran have worked on. That Guy inspired me alot.

Happy end of the world 2012! Gobelins 2012. Deborah Cruchon, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jung-boix, Nadya MIra, Laurent Moing. Music: Pomplamoose - Telephone, and their mix of Angry birds

Anima Mundi Festival 2012 | Opening Titles by Guilherme Marcondes. Animation based on the official illustration I created for the festival:

Barbara. 2012 edit. by Ronald Ashburn

ARTV ID (2012) by Nicolas Ménard. ARTV, a francophone art oriented TV channel, asks artists to reinterpret their logo for their branding. So I transformed it into a cosmic comic strip. Each box contains its little story, so have fun watching it a couple of times to enjoy all the details.

NOKIA LUMIA 920 by Phong Luong. This is a non-commercial project that my friends & me made for our semester 3 final project at my school. Thanks for watching.

Young Director Award's 2012 Title Film: The Director's Cut ... (great title treatment)

INFORMATION MUSIC By Nicolas Lefaucheux. (Data Visualization of Sound) Experimental video, where each instrument of a song is coded and translated in visuals. Music : Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye Is This Love by Bob Marley Beat It by Michael Jackson

30 things at 30 by Fabricio Lima. Last year, on 5th of January of 2012, I reached my 30th birthday on a hot summer day in Australia. I was a feeling a bit weird and lost. So I decided to list 30 things I knew about myself so far... I been starring at that list during the whole year and realizing that most of them wouldnt change with time...