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    How to Get the Wild Taste Out of Deer Meat

    Unlike their farmed kin, wild deer lead unpredictable lives with widely varying diets. That means their meat can range from tender and veal-like to strong and gamey, which poses a problem for venison-loving cooks. Although a hint of gaminess is a welcome reminder that you're eating wild-caught meat,...
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    A delicious, comfort food recipe to for venison.

    Simple crock pot stew with lean venison, hearty veggies,and flavorful broth!

    Balsamic vinegar adds a welcome tangy sweetness to the mild gaminess of tender venison backstrap

    Bacon wrapped deer kabobs: wrap the marinated meat with bacon put them on the stick and then rub bbq sauce on them, they are fabulous! We ate all of them.

    1 pound Deer Meat 4 tbs soy sauce 4 tbs Worcestershire sauce 2 tbs liquid smoke 3 tbs A-1 sauce 1 tbs ketchup 1/4 t spoon garlic powder 1/4 t spoon onion powder 1/4 t spoon salt 1/4 black pepper

    DEER KABOBS! Great Kebab recipe! Venison can be substituted out for your favorite meat. Grilling them is definitely the best way to make these.

    Venison steak recipe on marks daily apple. It's not every day you find a recipe for deer. Looks pretty simple too!

    Best meatballs EVAH! Get in mah bellay! I make these at least once a month, with various types of ground meat : beef, deer, pork, chicken. They. are. awesome.

    Deer Tenderloin recipe! For all those hunters out there with lots of meat, this recipe is great! The sage helps with the game-y taste of the meat! Tastes just like hamburger steak-so good!!

    Meat Week: How to Cook Whitetail Deer Ribs | Field & Stream

    Crock Pot Cube Steaks with Gravy. Gonna try this w/ Deer cubed meat

    Marinating Venison - Remove the "Gamey" taste of venison by following this How-To Guide on Marinating Venison and other game meat.

    This Is A Tasty, Easy To Make Marinade That Is Great For Any Grilled Meat. It Makes Enough For About Two Pounds Of Uncooked Meat. Hunters - Try This On Your Deer.

    all this work is making me hungry....goood deer meat

    VENISON-Marinate the meat for several hours before cooking it. A good marinade can be as simple as a mixture of salt, vinegar and water, or something more sophisticated, such as French or Italian salad dressing, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice or sauce, or a citrus juice, such as from oranges, lemons or grapefruit. The marinade will tenderize the meat and add flavor to it, removing the "gamey" taste.

    VENISON- Substitute the removed deer fat with another fat source. Although the deer's own fat will affect the flavor of the venison adversely, venison is so lean, lacking "marbling", that it needs another fat source to give it flavor when cooking.

    How To Take the Gamey Taste Out of Wild Game - Wide Open Spaces

    Grilled Bacon Wrapped Deer Tenderloin perfect since I have a ton of deer meat right now! to change it up from fried!

    Looking for a recipe for deer meat? This is the best recipe for marinated, grilled, deer meat ever. Wrapped in bacon. Can be used for any meat and the kids love it!

    Learn how to properly smoke venison in this Smoking Venison Guide. Experiment with different woods to add flavoring to your deer, venison or other wild game meat.

    VENISON0 Keep the meat moist when cooking. Because it is so lean, deer meat is prone to drying out when cooked, making it tough and chewy. Cooking with a method that keeps venison moist, such as frequent basting, braising, sauteing, roasting or slow cooking, will preserve the flavor and keep the meat tender.

    Grilled Venison Steak with Whiskey Ginger Marinade -- Deer meat comes of the grill with terrific flavor after a long soak in whiskey. A 24-hour whiskey bath is not recommended for humans, but it's just the thing for this deer steak.

    DEER TIPS & NOODLES(Venison)- this is so good!!! you don't even know its Deer Meat!