How to Keep Venison in the Refrigerator | eHow | Venison, the meat of deer, elk, moose, caribou and antelope, is a lean game meat. Since the meat is wild, storing and aging it properly in the refrigerator is important. To begin, ensure that your venison has been properly bled, cleaned and butchered. If possible, prior to storing, hang your venison head-down, preventing any brain or spinal fluids from contaminating your meat.

Marinating Venison - Remove the "Gamey" taste of venison by following this How-To Guide on Marinating Venison and other game meat.

Cheat sheet on meat smoking times and temperatures from Bradley Smoker! Maybe one day I will attempt this on someone's smoker.

4 Deer Recipes To Die For.. and because I am tired of eating the same ole deer meat.

Deer Meat without the Gamey Taste

Venison fajitas. Always looking for ways to use all the deer meat that's taking up space in my freezer!

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation-cuts of meat for an elk hindquarter breakdown.

Meatlover's Queso Dip | #SamsClubTailgating #sponsored | Includes 4 meat varieties in one loaded dip. Perfect for holiday parties and game day gatherings

Cook Venison (Deer Meat)

Deer Country Ham!!! Omg this sounds amazing :)

Canning meats.... A great site for canning!! She has lots of recipes for meals in a jar to can as well.

Better-than-Ever Cheesy Meat Lasagna Recipe

Cowboy Lasagna ~ It's super simple and wildly popular!


I am going to try this...always looking for something to take the game taste away from deer meat.

Buck Commander's Deer Stew (Recipe) | Outdoor Channel

How to Make Venison Bacon? Venison bacon is a mixture of deer meat, pork meat and pork fat. It can substitute for bacon in any recipe, or it can be fried and eaten plain. It is made by allowing the meat mixture to cure and then smoke for several hours. This recipe yields 25 lb. of venison bacon and takes about 3 days to complete.

Better-than-Ever Cheesy Meat Lasagna: Super easy lasagna, make it with deer meat!

Very good tender deer meat canning recipe. I also add garlic powder, pepper and salt.

How to make venison taste better and 12 reasons why it doesn't For great deer burger, try blending the ground venison with a little cheap bacon.

Tender deer meat in the oven. While I do prefer the chicken fried... this was juicy, tender, and you really get the full flavor of the delicious fresh deer