How to paint furniture black to get that high-end "Pottery Barn-esque" look. These instructions are so good.

How to Upgrade Bookshelves

Dresser painted in black matte paint stenciled with black gloss paint. What a cool idea!

NEW, at Home Depot! Repaint Furniture with 1 Little Box!!! NO SANDING, PRIMING OR STRIPPING, my kind of redo! :D

Recipe for Chalk Paint Furniture - This really makes the paint adhere to stained wood without sanding!!

Making neat fabric pleated corners.

How to paint wood furniture without sanding first.

We show you how to reach high places when working on stairs without having to rent scaffolding by improvising a sturdy platform supported by ladders. | Illustration: Steve Sanford |

How much fabric would you need to reupholster that furniture you ask?

distress furniture ends-sand off corners and use qtip to put your favorite color stain

DIY wood shelving anyone can build.

one day i'll be glad i pinned this.

Extremely easy how to strip and restrain how-to... I am convinced that stripping is easier then painting now!

how to paint wood furniture - instructions would work for dining room table and the kitchen cabinets

repainting furniture without sanding

BEDROOM furniture!! How to paint a pottery barn style black finish video tutorial

How to transfer typography onto furniture without using Photoshop or a Projector...use a free online site called

How to Refinish Wood Floors (without sanding) ill be glad i repinned this very soon! :)

Repurposing Old Furniture Ideas

How To Repair ~~ Wood Furniture Scratches