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Game of Thrones Facts. I love this show so much...worst grammar ever though, excuse this post for disgracing the series with its poor use of the English language.

  • Heather Greer

    Haha what idiot wrote this?!

  • {Marci Godfrey}

    Haha! I was thinking the same thing, Heather.

  • Adam Wolf

    Heather and Marci, you hoochies need to perish GoT style for your ignorance.

  • {Marci Godfrey}

    Oh, so you love poor grammar, Adam? We were talking about whoever wrote the post, not GoT. If you couldn't pick up on that, how on earth do you manage to keep up with the show?! And "hoochies"? Who says that?

Bahahaha! (Only Game of Thrones fans will get this...)

What else would you say? Except maybe, "My moon and stars" Or "MOTHER OF DRAGONS!"

So what's your real name? Though Daenerys is her name, not Khaleesi! That's her title!

Game of Thrones texts from last night

Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones… last one totally cracked me up! Its so wrong but so funny

Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys. "We should sail there immediately."

  • Nora Tintoré

    Jajaja Alejandro Del angel

  • Dianasaurus Rex

    Dionsysus is the god of wine, partying, and boobies.

  • Dianasaurus Rex

    And during the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, everyone got wasted and a bunch of mostly naked young men went around in goatskin loincloths and whipped a gathered crowd of (very, very willing) women in the name of fertility.

I love that he's laughing at his own joke he made from this interviewer's blatant ignorance.

In the game of pinning, you pin or you die. Okay, it's not technically an infographic, but it is a graphic, and if you're Game of Thrones fan, it's also very, very funny.