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Worksheets: Betsy Ross

One cut star---Betsy Ross style

Make your own Betsy Ross type star

Money: Having Fun With Coins! #Free

How Betsy Ross made a 5-point star with one snip of the scissors!

Betsy Ross' One Cut Five Point Star

Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag

Betsy Ross

BETSY ROSS Coloring Page

Betsy Ross

Kids love to text on their cell phones, so here is a fun spelling activity that puts those skills to work! Great for differentiated spelling progra...

Counting Fun With Pumpkins Cut and Paste P-K,K,Special Education, Autism Strong counting skills will help students progress to a strong math foundation. This in turn benefits them as they advance through the grades. Practicing their counting skills with this Counting Fun With Pumpkins Cut and Paste worksheet packet will make it fun. It consists of 14 worksheets as follows; Match the numbers Count the jack-o-lanterns Count the pumpkins Add the Pumpkins Subtract the Pumpkins Pumpkins on the v...

In this printable, students read a brief biography of Betsy Ross and put together a mini-book about Betsy Ross. #FlagDay #socialstudies #UShistory

Worksheets: Pumpkin Life Cycle

Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross and George Washington

Worksheets: Summer Writing For Kids

Worksheets: Printable Olympic Medals

Worksheets: Name Game: The 13 Original Colonies

Celebrate National Candy Month Cut and Paste Worksheets for pre-K.K and Special Education. All humans, young and old, have a sweet tooth. Candy is a fun treat once in a while. Students can have their sweets but not the health effects that come from too much candy with this Celebrate National Candy Month Cut and Paste Worksheet packet.

Worksheets: American Symbols For Kids