so sweet!


Awwww.... faith in humanity restored!! How to make a little girl’s dream come true… Disney is a magical thing, truly.

I adore him approximately 100 times more, now that I've seen this picture.


When We Choose Compassion Over Violence Amazing Things Can Happen《 faith in humanity restored.

Can’t decide which is more awesome…

Hey, girl jmom36

This is too cool. Pass it on!

Professors like this: | 24 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better About The World

Children and their magic in restoring faith in humanity

Faith in humanity restored one of my favorite stories ever

Faith in humanity restored! This guy deserves a medal - more funny stuff here:

MUST READ!! If you can see through your tears. Literally the most beautiful and tragic Disney story I have ever read. It shows how magical love really is. ❤


Faith In Humanity Restored - 18 the lady who asked why the hell do I put stuff like this on the funny. Because its my biggest board and most people enjoy reading stuff like this

Eating disorders are no joke. Notice the signs. And girls, you're beautiful!