Water bottles made to look like soda cans

Flow 'N' Fill Spout bath toy : sucks up water from the tub for continuous water stream w/out wasting water #giftidea

Scotch & Soda

Those sleeves! Scotch & Soda - Scotch R'Belle line #photographyinspiration

too cute!

tapi transforms most faucets into a water fountain. silicone $6 from Dreamfarm #giftidea

Some moms are just super smart

Marble Run. #giftidea

Time-Out Bottles

curve appeal by liz claiborne

Sidewalk paint - 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup water, and food coloring.

alexander the robot water bottle by beatrix new york

This is awesome! Fill balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off & they look like giant marbles. This is awesome!!!

road tape! every little boy I know would love this #giftidea

Cute toddler travel game. #giftidea

Brilliant! Calm Down Spot? Rain Bottle -fill a dry empty bottle with a box of toothpicks. Add rice (uncooked) to the bottle leaving an empty space of about 1 1/2 inches at the top. Seal the lid. As you gently turn the bottle, the rice falls through the toothpicks, sounding like rain.

Personalized memory game #giftidea

cute book about love #giftidea

maple water

Fingerprint Art #giftidea

What Does The Fox Say - BOOK!!! #giftidea