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from Mint Notion

Visiting Las Vegas For The First Time: 8 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

Visiting Las Vegas for the first time. Avoid making these 8 rookie mistakes. Learn how to save money on your Vegas vacation while still enjoying the best of what the Strip has to offer.

from The Brave Little Cheesehead

How We Spent Less than $3,500 on 7 Weeks in Europe

How to spend 7 weeks in Europe for cheap. Research, plan ahead, couch surf, hostels, pack lunch, overnight buses, centrally located places to stay, ATMs vs high exchange fees, walking, no alcohol, bargaining and negotiating, budget airlines, airline baggage policies, limit souvenirs.

from The Bohemian Diaries

8 Ways NOT to do Machu Picchu

Rookie mistakes no one should make while visiting Peru's royal estate, Macchu Pichu

from Practical Wanderlust

How Not to Pack for Long Term Travel: What We Wish We Did/Didn't Pack

Packing for long term travel is an art - or maybe it's a science. Either way, it's hard to know what to pack for long term travel. Here's 10 mistakes we made when packing for our 4 month long backpacking trip in South America!

from The Blonde Abroad

Ten Mistakes Made by Solo Female Travelers

If you are taking your first solo adventure abroad, there are a few easy mistakes you can make that can cause an inconvenience or even ruin your journey.It’s always important to plan ahead and avoid the simple faults that can get in the way of first-time solo female travelers having the experience of their life. These oversights vary across several different areas of travel, but are completely avoidable- by being prepared and aware!

from Savored Journeys

26 Biggest Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You'll be off to a good start if you avoid making these 26 biggest travel mistakes that all seasoned travelers have no doubt made themselves a time or two.

from Mint Notion

London On A Budget: 10 Costly Mistakes To Avoid

It’s no secret that London is an expensive city, which can make some travelers think that it’s out of their price range. However a trip to London can be successful even on a small budget. There is no shortage of free things to do in London, including free museums, attractions and self-guided walks. To make your London trip more enjoyable, click through to find out the 10 costly mistakes to avoid.

from The Globetrotting Teacher

Do You Know How to Avoid the Most Common Travel Mistakes?

Planning Travel? Taking a vacation? Do you know how to avoid the most common travel mistakes? Travel tips for booking problems, passport issues, medical emergenices, and more!

from Laugh Travel Eat

My top 5 mistakes on my visit to Vietnam

Vietnam is cheap, Vietnam is popular. As a seasoned traveller, I wasn’t all too concern about my 16-day trip to Vietnam and didn’t put as much attention into planning the trip as I should have. Vietnam is a beautiful country, there’s no doubt about it. But as a nation that was still recovering from war with a weak economy that’s overloaded with tourists, there are a lot more caution and preparation needed when you are on the ground than a first world country. And I certainly learned my…