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teacup bunnies

I really can't help that I have a thing for baby bunnies in teacups. Or, cute animals in teacups in general. Luckily, the Internet acknowledges this. Below are more pictures of bunnies in teacups:

Take some time in your busy coffee day to show tender kindness to one of the animals who share our world. Just love some bunny.

or is that 'thumper tea'? Just rescued this baby bunny from a tight spot where our frisky dog had cornered him! Couldn't resist snapping a shot of the lil critter in a tea cup. :) I set bunny out front under some shrubs, hopefully safe on his way.

teacup bunnies?

Rabbit I thought we were having tea. Rabbit Looks like we are going to be tea with carrot cake. That's what I ordered! Rabbit For both of us? Rabbit We're DOOMED!


Bunny in a polka dot teacup wins all the things. And I can tell bun bun is trying to eat that teacup!