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Draw on sandpaper with crayolas, iron the image on to a t-shirt

T-Shirt made out of crayons and sandpaper. (Draw on sandpaper with crayons, iron the image on to a tshirt and you have an awesome shirt.

watercolors, salt, and glue

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt - simple and fun. The glue creates designs on top of the paint. The salt creates a pretty starburst effect by soaking up paint pigments as the painting dries. And as an extra bonus: the salt sparkl

Supplies for Sandpaper Prints    good quality crayons, a t-shirt, iron and fine sand paper. The more coarse sandpaper will provide more texture. Give them all a try!     Color a fun design on the sandpaper. Remind children that the image will be reversed. Once the design is colored go back over the design giving the sandpaper an extra thick layer of crayon.

"Draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt. how proud will kids be to wear their original art designs!" How proud I will be to wear my own original art designs! 'TWILL BE SO GANGSTER AND THUG.

GOOD TO KNOW-Amazing.. I can't believe I've been throwing out all my old markers!    I am SO doing this.

These are dried out water-based markers. Turn them into liquid watercolor paint. Fill a clean baby food jar with water, tie about six dry markers with a rubber band, and set them in the top of the jar. I let them sit over night and watercolor is made!

Create Marshmallow Shooters with your team! See who has the best aim by challenging teammates to fire marshmallows at targets or through hoops. Repinned by CAPA www.capacares.org

Studio 5 - Marshmallow Shooters

DIY Marshmallow Shooters are a completely exciting way to have fun on your next game day or party! All you need to make these are styrofoam cups, balloons, and marshmallows--get ready to launch!

Sharpie marker on wax paper looks like stained glass. Vision in reds and golds for red tent windows

Sharpie marker on wax paper looks like stained glass. EDIT - this is not on wax paper but just cheap craft paper. I tried the wax paper anyways just in case, it didn't work.

Ringetjes gereedschapskist, nagelak, mooi touwtje...

Keepsake Crafts for Mother's Day

DIY Ring-A-Lings: Created by painting a metal washer with nail polish. Start with a base coat of white or yellow. Add colors, letting each coat dry before painting on top of it. Top the finished design with a protective coat of clear polish.

Free Printable: Spring Vocabulary Word Search for Kids

Crafts - Painting on wet glue with food colouring. This is such an interesting and unique craft idea. Once the glue has completely dried then peel it off, punch a hole in the top and hang with a string in a window.the result is a beautiful sun catcher!

SHUT UP! My kids have been wanting one of those "slushy magic" things and here is a way to make them at home WITHOUT the slushy magic "ice cubes"....it's just frozen salt water in those lil slushy magic cubes!

DIY "Magic Slushies" without the kit from TV. No crushed ice, just salt, Kool-Aid, and one minute of time. May have just found the best pin ever. Maybe use my food saver for a permanent magic slushie ice bag