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i teach surf camp in the summer. no one walks away saying they didnt have fun surfing

haha prove the myans wrong.


bucket list: live past december 2012 Well, I did that.

own a pair of cowboy boots.


Check - owned a REAL pair as well as a REAL cowboy hat, years ago

oooo yes I love them <3

Interact with an Orca (Killer Whale)! After my first trip to SeaWorld (SanAntonio) I was visiting my uncle and was two years old, and after I saw Free Willy, game on.

only if it's just like Tika!

I LOVE huskies! Okay so I can't have an actual husky, the breed isn't suitable for a house pet but I would love one of these dogs that is cross so has the husky look but a German Shepherd temperament.

Kinda the point of some of my other bucket list

Not literally go to space and look down on earth (although that would be cool). just visit every place within it ;

Not in the desert. I want to own my own camel to ride.

Done that! Rode a camel at the Calgary zoo. When I was little my mom took me a lot, and one day there were camel rides for some reason.