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  • Lore Davila

    Lol hotdogs anyone?.............. a good idea

  • Suzanne Jozayt

    Funny pictures, funny gifs, funny quotes, etc...

  • Cara Jo

    Man cave

  • Cheree Harp

    I want to do this to the coffee pot at work on April Fools Day!

  • Samantha Tatum

    GREAT IDEAS FOR ROAD TRIPS IN HOTELS!! Hot dog cooker and steamer! Also a great oatmeal cooker: put water in pot, empty oatmeal packet in container turn on and the hot water activates the oatmeal.

  • Jeremy Morgan

    Funny Memes

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I just laughed so hard.

This really isn't that funny but I'm laughing!!! The more I look at it the more I laugh!

I laughed too hard at this.

this made me laugh. just his face.

This makes me laugh way more than it should

Awww, who's mommy's little sociopath? LOL!!! I think he's related to my kid!

Oh this made me laugh way too hard.