A 1920s illustration

adorable art deco style art - vintage color palette that could be revamped?

C. Hérouard, La Garçonne at home, 1925 (La Vie Parisienne)      ,

La Garçonne at home, C. Orignally printed in La Vie Parisienne. Hérouard was a French book illustrator and frequent contributor to the “La Vie Parisienne” magazine devoted to women in text and pictures.


1920 Marjorie Miller [Estes] (American illustrator, ~ 'Spring’s Promise' Beautiful Art

Art Deco Print On Brown Paper. 1920's. @designerwallace

sexy nude pics I’m Up in the Air About You by ~hilarity

Ernesto Garcia "El Chango" Cabral. Revista de Revistas | Doctor Ojiplático (hva)

Art Deco illustration by Ernesto (El Chango) Garcia Cabral

Ernesto "El Chango" García Cabral (1890-1968), nascido em Veracruz Huatusco. Cartunista, ilustrador, cartunista, muralista, re-criativas Art Nouveau-deco mexicanos. Ele experimentou com várias técnicas. Lápis, carvão vegetal, goauche água tinta, aquarela, encáustica e óleo. Ele fez pôsteres de filmes e histórias em quadrinhos; também uma série de médicos, enfermeiros e pacientes que alegraram coberturas e interiores Gacetilla Bayer. Caixas campanha publicitária Martell Cognac ,etc...

One more cover by Ernesto García "El Chango" Cabral from the mag "Revista de Revistas" out of Mexico.

Tango Argentino 1102 Cuneo

Full list of Ballroom dances and styles. Breakdown of all types of Ballroom dance styles there are. American and International Ballroom dancing styles.

Illustration by Erte

"Emerald Night" by Erte - Romain de Tirtoff (Роман Тыртов) - -


Vintage Poster - Erte 'Flapper’: deco-style simplicity, emphasis on shapes - and a beautiful fan. Erte designed many costumes for Ziegfeld Follies Performers.

Photo by Luigia

Travel poster fro Air France 1960

Gorgeous graphic artwork from design studio Seen+Noted. These wonderful illustrations are based on the influence of matchbox labels from the and Classics never go out of style!

A classy way taking a walk with your dog.

Would be so cute to do a series of women and their dogs in this style.Art Deco Love Me Love My Dog Poster Print Bauhaus Vouge Vanity Fair Lady Girl Dalmation Vintage style art print - designed by Kate Sampson

Sven Brasch

Dinamarca, City Vals, by Sven Brasch, 1910

Elevator by Kristina Krogh | Poster from theposterclub.com


Elevator by Kristina Krogh Poster from

Cats in Art and Illustration: Art Deco Poster

Cat Show, gouache Art Deco Poster anonymous,

1985 Erte (Romain de Tirtoff; Russian/French; 1892-1990) ~ 'Star Struck'

Erté - Romain de Tirtoff – Russian-born French artist and designer who worked in the Art Deco style. He worked under the pseudonym Erté for the French pronunciation of his initials, R.