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Guided Reading Baskets prepared for each group with books and activities in the basket

Awesome Reading Resources: Free Printables for Guided Reading: Running Records, Anecdotal Notes, Weekly Planning for each group! Great for organizing reading groups!

Reading journal time line...way cooler than a reading log.

Reader Notebook

The Reader's Notebook timeline. A great way to display all the books your students and kids read in a year with a little synopsis.

Tournament of Books....perfect to go with March madness!

Tournament of Kids Books-- To celebrate March Madness, 16 favorite kids books face off bracket style. I'm going to do this next year. I'll be sure to save 16 of the read alouds we've done by then and then have our own March Madness.

Brown Bag Book Club

Great idea for my book club! Brown Bag Book Club: Students fill out the reader response form. Fill the bag with popcorn and divide students into groups to discuss the story. They can snack as they share what they learned.

A TON of ideas on how to organize and assess guided reading.

Reading Workshop assessment ideas and organization. I use a ton of these ideas to keep my assessment binders organized and ready for myself at all times. In the hopes that one day I will be an expert at assessing my students.

7/2/12:  This page has a list of books to use with different Daily 5 mini lesson topics.  Will be a great planning resource

Awesome book list-- Great site for reading mini-lessons for setting up reading procedures- beginning of the year

This is flat out the best book on reading groups I have ever read...short and powerful!!!!

25 Alternatives to Round Robin Reading. Reading cab be fun. Reading OUT-LOUD can be a totally different challenge for some kids. Here are some nice tips for oral reading.

We get a lot of questions about guided reading and how to organize all of our materials for guided reading. This summer we are dedicating several of our posts to sharing more information about guided reading…starting right now! Guided reading has a lot of components to it- grouping students, keeping anecdotal records, conducting reading conferences, [...]

Guided Reading Binder 101: Calling All Guided Reading Gurus