Hahaha so true I have a few ppl in my life I feel this way about!

Every time

This is me most of the time

happens all the time!!!

Hahahahahahaha and I thought I was the only crazy person out there that thinks this!!!

bahaha, if only we looked that daunting too!

When you get a RAISE and then excitedly open your next paycheck only to see that actually, no, that wasn’t a raise after taxes. | 29 Awkward Moments That Inevitably Happen At Work

Happens to me everyday.

Me. My life.

oh.my.gosh. i always thought that was a backwards G!! i feel very stupid right now...

Gets me every time!

Every time. EVERY TIME!!!



The moment that you realize that you've been at work for only an hour.

i don't have an attitude problem. you have a problem with my attitude and that's not my problem.


i thought it was just me! i feel so much better now

yeah i would