Love the simplicity

diy dream catching.

Waaaayyy too many things on this website to look at right now. Pin it, pop some popcorn, grab some sweet tea and your lap top, and look for HOURS.

Cutesy Crafts: Embroidery Hoop Art.

colorful hearts.

button heart

Button heart on gingham in embroidery hoop--made by Chelsea Ann & seen on her inspiring blog It looks adorable hanging in her daughter's bedroom, surrounded by other pretty hoops!

Hoop art

Button Art! Button Sailboat Swarovski Crystals and buttons

Gorgeous bunting embroidery hoop art!...Hang by the back door to see something cheerful as we leave for our day!

felt, embroidery hoop

DIY Button Craft: DIY Button Cupcakes -would be so sweet for baby girl decor

more button flowers

Magnetic buttons, love!

craft. Tshirts. Bags.

YES! Because I love (and seem to collect) embroidery hoops for art displays!

Unique quiet play book

hoop art ideas

canvas with real branch glued to it and buttons

love this button heart!!

Embroidery Hoop art from Buligaia on Etsy