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Here are the steps to create this beautiful abstract art paper.  1. Simply paint on a generous amount of the orange degreaser on all pages or pages you wish to alter. 2. Close the magazine pat down excess and leave it closed for 30mins. 3. Be ready to be amazed. Open the magazine rip out the pages and hang or lay them on a flat surface to dry.

Use Citra Solve to create one of a kind collage papers

Only certain years of National Geographics work, but them and a little Citrasolve make some really cool abstract papers.

Using citrasolv to marble old National Geographic magazine pages (wonder if it would work with others)

super cool altered magazine pages: old National Geographics + Citrasolv de-greaser

Altered Paper Techniques Part 2 - including CitraSolv on National Geographic

Citra Artist: Altering Magazine Pages Just tried this Tuesday! Got super interesting results! Check out Citrasolv's website for collage techniques.

According to Katie's instructions, first you pour CitraSolv into a container and using a big brush, start at the first pages of the National Geographic magazine and generously brush both sides of the pages with CitraSolv Turn the page and do the same. Repeat this throughout the whole magazine.

CITRASOLV ALTERNATIVE! The magic ingredient that makes Citrasolv do all of its cool tricks with old National Geographic ink, and other photo transfer techniques is 85-95 percent D-limonene.