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Robin Henning
Robin Henning • 1 year ago

Jane Bielawski and her doll 'Missy'. Following the suspicious deaths of some of her playmates in a New York tenement, police attempted to interview Jane. According to reports, the young girl went 'crazy' and accused her doll of the murders, before throwing the doll out of her apartment window while screaming, "Bad dolly! Naughty dolly!" Jane was taken to Bloomingdale Asylum to be treated for 'hysteria'. She was never to leave the institution, dying there an old woman in 1968.

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A police photograph of German Olympic athlete Dora Ratjen who had been arrested at a train station on suspicion of being a man in a dress. Magdeburg. Germany. September 21, 1938

A 3 year old girl named Carrie who died in 1887 has been haunting the roads leading east out of Washington, North Carolina for well over a hundred years now. She is always seen in the pale yellow dress she was buried in, and has actually caused tragic car accidents in 1966 and 1989 due to people trying to avoid hitting her apparition. People have often reported her to the local police, only to be told not to worry once her description is noted.

1920s mugshots. Second one done is a transgendered woman to man, without surgery obviously.

Dr. Ethel Rice, Chicago woman physician who was arrested when she wore "male attire" in an attempt to gain entrance to a lecture “For Men Only” at the Wood’s Theatre. The straw hat attracted much attention and Dr. Rice, still in male attire, was taken in by the police.

Where Timmy went, Dolly went.

Annie Green -- a pickpocket who always chose her victims from white men in the Barbary Coast -- the police never could get anyone to prosecute her as they would not admit having anything to do with a black woman.

1880s cabinet card. The scissors are symbolic of death - basically, the cutting of the thread of life. It's also interesting to note that the doll's face is either completely covered or turned so that it is looking away from the girl.

Minnie Bradley refuses to look at the camera in her Omaha Police Court mug shot. Minnie, 27, and 5 foot 2 inches tall was arrested in Omaha on December 13, 1902 for larceny from a person. She listed her residence on north 11th Street in Omaha and her occupation as prostitute. The description also noted that Minnie wore a wig. Historic Nebraska Mug Shots

‎Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. She was fined for registering to vote.