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Sense of Sight - How Human Eyes Work

eye unit

Worksheets: Awesome Anatomy: Eye See

▶ The Sense of Sight - How the Body Works | Mocomi Kids - YouTube

The 5 Senses Song

Five Senses -Video for Kids

5 senses Taste. Use egg cartons as teeth. Can also be used for dental hygiene lesson.

Five Senses Song

Take a journey through the human eye and how it works with this fantastic video, Wonder of the Human Eye. This is a great educational video for all ages.

5 senses

File Folder Game-- this one could fall under "transportation" OR "jobs" (jobs in the sense of who drives what)-- but can be done with anything, really! Love the idea that 2/3 of the pieces are pre-attached, and the children put the third one in its correct place, but for older children, they can put the entire thing together themselves!

Sense of hearing video for kids. They practice listening to different sounds and guess what they heard.

3D Human Ear--Good video on sound and how the ear works

When You Use Your Senses- What do you use for each of your 5 senses?

Five Senses - Sense Sticks from The Teaching Zoo!

human body unit

Studying the 5 Senses: sight. What a cool way to help children create a model of what they're learning. Connections. <3 this idea!

Our Five Senses

3D ANIMATION OF WORKING OF HEART. Human Anatomy. #homeschool human body. Apologia Anatomy

"Lungs inhale and exhale between 15 and 25 times a minute, which amounts to an incredible 10,000 liters of air each day." A look inside our incredible respiratory system: