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    Learning theory - established learning theories map

  • Lana Danielle

    A Visual Guide To Every Single Learning Theory | My Educational Technology Blog: A Place of Resources and Tools for Educators

  • Beverley Sinton

    Learning Theory - What are the established learning theories? This is quite possibly the most interesting educational resource I have ever come across. Go to the site and find further info about the people and styles of teaching...

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Estilos de aprendizaje y teorías #infografia #infographic #education

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INOGRAPHIC: THE 7 STYLES OF LEARNING | Visual (Spatial), Aural (Auditory-Musical), Verbal (Linguistic), Solitary (Interpersonal), Social (Interpersonal), Logical (Mathematical), Physical (Kinesthetic)

Een overzicht van de verschillende leertheorieën (infografiek) | X, Y of Einstein?

A Great Wheel of All The Learning Theories Teachers Need to Know about - from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning www.educatorstech...

In order to apply learning theory to mobile learning, you must first understand the three learning theories—behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism—and the techniques that are known to promote learning. Adapted from “Applying Learning Theory to Mobile,” this infographic will get you started!


It is our hopes that this funky, fun Teachers’ Learning Theory Bookmark freebie will inspire you by: 1. Its 2 tests to try with your students – the Learning Style Test and the Multiple Intelligences Test (at the links provided on the bookmark); 2.The reminder to use a variety of High Probability Instructional strategies (Marzano), Higher Level Questions (Bloom), in order to reach students with various Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences (Gardner), being sensitive to each ...

Learning Theory - What are the established learning theories?