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would you rather? I loved asking these questions to my boyfriend. It was so fun to hear his answers!

Liars disgust me. people who create their own truths by lying not only is a danger to others but to themselves....I have zero respect for. Be honest, the situation may be good or bad , just own it!

Great Gift! Turn a Men's Necktie into a 2-Pocket Wristlet. Gather an old and wide necktie, scissors, D-ring, needle, thread pins. Hand wash tie,let it dry. Cut tie according to the size you want. Cut a piece for body of the wristlet, a piece for strap and a piece you will attach D-ring. Press fabric flat and smooth. Iron medium weight interfacing, pin it, and sew. Now, sew pouch together. On the triangular end of strap, leave one inch open. That will be the loop...