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    This guy.

    One, please.

    Well, said lots of guys....Just not this one.

    Poor Justin! You guys quit picking on her!

    Heh. I work with one of those, too.


    OOoooo....gooooood point.

    No shit.

    Yogabread um, men?

    This has actually gone down - with me holding the damn door. "Let me fall back so you can open the door then berate you for your good manners." Nice. your little sister's jeans?

    That's about it.

    ...because penis, of course.

    Don't whine about everyone coming into the shop to inquire about the stuff you put in the front window.

    I, too, have walked into THAT restroom.

    A cat dressed like a shark chasing a baby duck while riding a Roomba. Random...nailed it.

    @ Debbie Spencer



    Daleks get it.

    @ Debbie Spencer



    HA! Taken while on watch today. Even the tv knows quality when it doesn't see it.

    One word: Nope. - Imgur