"Self and Others" by R.D. Laing, published by Pelican Books, cover design by Germano Facetti (1926-2006) who revolutionised British book design with his Penguin jackets in the 1960s. He was arrested in 1943 for putting up anti-Fascist posters. He was deported to Mauthausen as a forced labourer, where he met the architect Ludovico Belgiojoso who later invited him to join his practice in Milan.

This is an effective book cover - the overprinting of the top and bottom circle with the middle circle being hidden behind the bottom one is suggestive of groups of people.

»Puff«  by William Wondriska, 1960

60 Vintage book cover Geo/Graphics - book cover design by Melbourne designer Heath Killen A Coney Island of the Mind, book cover puff puff