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Explore Land Shark, The Shark, and more!

Sweet Jesus! Someone help this poor child, a land shark has almsot completely devoured him and is already pooping him out! Put down the damn camera and DO something!

Bucket List – 1000 Things to do Before You Die

Shaun Tan's graphite on paper "Moral Lessons" depicts an impossible, dream-like scenario where a boat, normally on water, floats in thin air. The illustration reflects ideas of the uncanny, with the rain from a lone cloud falling into a pot as if magnetic. In addition to the flying boat, the mysterious land-animals roaming the field below resemble sharks in water emphasising surrealist notions of the subconscious mind and it's ability to create the unimaginable.

Bucket List – 1000 Things to do Before You Die

For the Designer: 5 Coffee Table Books to Give or Get

Bradbury Thompson. Check out his, and other great books on my graphic design gift guide > click thru link ||||| I really like the use of color as water droplets against a grayscale background. It is a nice touch.

BJJ Heaven

Gracie Jiujitsu, I trained at Gracie Barra wish I could get back into..boy how I luv to roll. I always wanted to got to brazil and train at the offical headquarters where it all began.