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I'm really bad at sexting - Imgur

Awesome Comeback - Too Bad You've Been Grounded

Boom boom sparkle bang

When English Doesn't Work

Texts from the Dog> "He had crazy eyes" i giggled

Hey You Know What Sucks?

its funny 'cause its true.

Strip Club Tattoo Parlour? Heck I'd Go...

The Fleatles :)

Got a text from a random number yesterday... - Imgur

Your Dad Sounds Like A Badass!

That Wasn't Me, It Was Your Brother!



Facebook fails lmao sometimes I wish I still had a Facebook to read idiotic statuses

This is funny!

This is my dad. Not really, because he doesn't have texting, but he used to use lord of the rings analogies when he taught me to drive. Nerdy dads rule!!!

When boys....

A random kid texts someone... hilarity ensues!

dog texts...funny