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Saline Lock / Heparin Lock vs. IV in labor.

Using the line (red, purple, or dark) to assess dilation, no internal exam required. :)

How to Tell if it’s Labor and Other Tips

Labor/Birth Positions that can be used in most hospitals

Labor positions using the hospital bed

How to do acupressure when you're in labor to ease pain, http://MamaNatural.com

herbal tinctures for labour

"Did this exercise so many times in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with G and I swear it's why I had a fast, natural labor."

why an iv? I hate them in labor!

We did this with our 3rd as had no clue about it with our other 2. That's the difference i working with a Doula and midwife! Do your research on all aspects of labor before you just "go with the flow". This is your baby you are bringing into the world! Their health is your priority.

belly binding to help ease prodromal labor and other latter pregnancy aches

Inducing Labor - 40 Natural Ways To Induce Labor On Your Own

I am Doula. I support your birth the way you want it.

After reading over 15 different hospital packing lists I still didn’t know about these ’11 secrets to have in your labor bag’.

Positions to make your labor shorter and easier

best snacks to pack for labor and delivery l hospital bag stay l doula care + atlanta birth photography l maegan hall


A good breakdown not only of labor positions, but of why they do what they do and the physiology.

Cool poster showing Rebozo techniques.