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Labor Is Better Than Planned Cesarean for Most Babies

Labor is good for babies, here's why...

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What are the causes of contractions?

5 Things That Cause Contractions That Aren't Labor Healthfrom Health

Positions in Labor You May Not Have Considered

Labor is hot work - here's how to keep your cool.

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What To Know About Your Baby's Position During Labor and Birth

A look at how your baby sits in your uterus in #pregnancy. It can help you have an easier birth if you can optimize this position before #labor.

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40 Natural Ways To Induce Labor


Pregnant Chickenfrom Pregnant Chicken

"How Do I Know if I'm in Labor?"

How to tell if you're in labor via Pregnant Chicken

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What Happens To Your Cervix During Birth Or Labor?

Cervix during Pregnancy | Cervix-During-Labor

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10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Childbirth and Labor

10 Tips for a Better Labor Day #pregnancy #labor #birth

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8 Reasons People Don't Hire Doulas

8 Reasons Women Don't Hire Doulas and what those reasons mean.

The effective Labour Contraction: explains how being in a comfortable environment among other factors increases oxytocin release vs. being in an uncomfortable environment, feeling like you are being watched etc actually inhibits it's release.

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10 Effective Ways For Natural Pain Relief During Labor

Tips to minimize pain during labor. #birth