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Jake Gyllenhaal -- this picture made me change my mind...he's hot :P

Jake. Synonimous with "I will do all sorts of dirty things to you, you wonderfully gorgeous and sexy man."

give me jeans (or khakis) and a t-shirt and I'm set . . . minus Jake Gyllenhaal

Wish I could paint. Because I'd paint this. And then put it in my house...above the fireplace. Bahaha

Jake G- I never thought he was attractive until I saw love & other drugs. Now I'm obsessed. I guess broke back mountain didn't do anything for him...;) he's so beautiful & hilarious.

Jake Gyllenhaal is looking good in this photo. All a guy needs in the winter is a charcoal colored raincoat and sweater. It's basic, classy winter wear for all New York men.

Jake Gyllenhaal. In seventh grade I had a boyfriend who looked like this. I liked him a lot, but he was in eighth grade and he wanted to hold hands and kiss and I wasn't ready. I broke up with him and then we never spoke. He still looks like this, and when I see Jake, I have to smile a nostalgic smile.

Love the hair and the perfect stubble. Actually I don't like any beard style, except of this one. #JakeGyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal - "Don't listen to what anybody says except the people who encourage you. If it's what you want to do and it's within yourself, then keep going and try to do it for the rest of your life."