i wonder how many of these i'd have

My life


So funny because it is so true. I don't even bother with #lettuce or even boxes of #spinach anymore. #Kale is great because it lasts a long time, or I only buy enough spinach for what I am making tonight. #nowaste #waste #kitchen #cooking #meals #sandwich #sotrue #HerSolution

Oh no, I'm going sane!

That's me!


Pinning this for my girls who have their own tiny armies.

Hehehe :)



no yelling

Story of my life!!! (It's called "cleaning my room")

50 Funniest Healthy Living cards. I need to start eating healthy but first I need to eat all the junk food in the house so it doesn't tempt me.

They don't know my life, they don't know what I've been through.....lol

OMG I'm not going to say i've ever done this but I hear it works pretty well... lol

When you work with mostly males this is sooooo hard to do!

Yep <3

I'd tell you to go to hell, but...