This is your day! TAKE 5 because you need no REISEN To celebrate and turning 40 is nothing to SNICKER about. In fact, this is when you have BUTTERFINGERS And your mind starts playing TWIX on you. You’re WHATCHAMACALLIT isn’t working properly, You’ll do things NOW & LATER And forget them both. You’ll even begin to swear on PAYDAYS that You made 100 GRAND when in fact It was only SKITTLES. So when looking back on the days of your life, Remembering all the SMARTIES and NERDS And tho...

Kiss Your 40's Goodbye Birthday Gift Glass Block

my best friend turns 50. in 2 months. going to do something fun like this for her. 50th Birthday Gift Ideas - DIY Crafty Projects

10 easy & thoughtful Christmas or Birthday Gift Ideas for tweens & teens. This has even started a thinking trail in my mind for various gifts for other people.

Handmade gifts for the men in your life! So cool!

Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas - Break Glass in an Emergency,,,Great Idea!! I'll probably do this for My Daughter's Birthday Next Year..They'll be 14 yrs.old & 5 yrs.old Christina & Rebecka GRENON_Garcia :)

Under The Table and Dreaming: 50 Ways to Package Holiday Cookies: Ideas & Inspiration for Wrapping Cookie Gifts

Such an adorable gift for sisters! I thought too cool not to share.

Small Gift Idea: 7Up Printable Prayer Tag: "Have a great week. I'll be UPlifting you in prayer all 7 days!"

Dog Crate Cover- Want it!!

Buy plates from Dollar Store, write things like, Night Before Christmas, wedding vows for a gift, happy birthday song, the possibilities are endless :) NOTE: they used a Porcelain 150 Pen which is permanent and safe once baked for 30 mins in a conventional oven.

you "rock"! after completing "mounds" of homework and "piecing" together all of your knowledge, you've finally hit "payday": graduation! as you head off to college, don't listen to any "snickers": you're no "dum dum"! you are one "hot tamale" on your "way" to making "100 grand"! congratulations on your graduation "smartie"!

DIY: Easy, Fast, & Inexpensive Mothers Day Gift Baskets! I'll have to remember this for next year since I already got my mom's gift. maybe even do this for birthday or Christmas :)

Housewarming bucket...I always forget the stuff people actually NEED.

Apple with caramel cream cheese dip

Candy Birthday Wreath

40 Sucks Birthday Gift

Older than dirt - Love this gag gift idea.

I'm changing it to 40 and giving these as gifts to all my friends that will turn 40 :-)

Beer bottle mustache. That would make a funny groomsman picture