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Floating Boat

"Sometimes, in Scotland . " by David Mould. Blue skies and fluffy clouds reflected in Loch Rusky, with boat ready for the trout season.

Sunrise via Bubble

Sunrise in a bubble

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Termini In Rome  by Tony Karp -   Techno-Impressionist Museum:    Art and the Zen of design:    The Bookstore:    Pinterest:

by Tony Karp (Yes, these are arches, not doors, but this photo beautifully expresses the many, many doors or arches that we go through in a lifetime.

My best friend took this photo, I think it   is too amazing not to share. - Imgur

My best friend took this photo, I think it is too amazing not to share.

The colors in the photo are beautiful and they accent what is happening. The sunset in the background creates horizontal lines across the image and makes it very visually appealing. Plus the balloons in the sky give great contrast.

Very creative design and use of colors here, eh?

Balloons Photo: This Photo was uploaded by PopePiAss. Find other Balloons pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and video h.

Forest at dusk in the fog. Too bad you can't write out the noises that we make when we are amazed, like sucking in your breath and saying, "woooooooooow"

A morning View by Nara Simhan Typical Rain Forest view from Borneo indonesia.


Landscape Photography by Netherlands based photographer Oer Wout. - posted under Beautiful Photography tagged with: Landscapes & Scenery, Plants & Nature, Sky, Waterscapes by Fribly Editorial

<3 *You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.* <3  <3 ~Rumi~ <3

Daily Inspiration ~ October 9th

The Inner & the Outer Worlds Reflect each other. Let's explore this relationship together.

the glass ball with the trees reflecting through looks amazing, with all the water ripples and lovely blue colours.


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