Sock bun!!

sock bun

This is a start to finish picture tutorial of how to make the sock bun and then create the sock bun in your hair.

Finally, a sock bun tutorial that makes sense!

27 step-by-step up-dos.

Sock bun!

Twisty bun... Super easy for a toddler, just wrap some of those little rubberbands around the twisted bun to secure, no bobby pins poking her head!

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The lovely sock bun

Easy Way to do a Top Bun #hairstyle

Take 2 elastic bands and separate the hair into 2 ponytails, one above the other, in the back of your head. Once the ponytails are secured, take sections of each ponytail and, starting at the ends, roll them toward the head, pinning them in place with bobby pins. Roll the top ponytail first, then the bottom, leaving pieces closest to the middle for last.

Perfect blowout- 18 Cute and Easy Hairstyles that Can Be Done in 10 Minutes............the link leaves a lot to be desired but the front pick of the blow out looks good.

Messy Bun


Low Ponytail Tutorial | PinTutorials

Nourish your hair with sulfate-free shampoo for a shiny finish

Step by step sock bun... so much easier than rolling.