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SID VICIOUS: Love the song what Sid does with it. Very alluring. Well done. A hard worker for Zumba and Hip Hop style videos. A favourite of on my playlist to workout with. MARK ANTHONY: LET IT RAIN OVER ME

Zumba "Krazy" by Pitbull This is why ZUMBA is so awesome!!! It is for everyone! Love the Grandma in the back killin it!

Girls, I just did this 5 minute Zumba dance. SO fun and a great way to get your heart pumping for the day.

Zumba with Amber- Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas. Her workouts are fun and if you do all 5 of them your abs will be killing you!

"Just Dance" by Lady Gaga. I'm thinking of making this my 2nd Zumba dance ever?

Becky's Zumba Class - Lady Gaga 'Telephone' - always loved this routine

Zumba - Born This Way - Lady Gaga

A whole YouTube channel devoted to Zumba routines. Guess what I'm doing in between loads of laundry today?

This channel has a ton of Zumba workouts that seem to me like they would be great for beginners. Like me! :P

"Born This Way" by Lady Gaga Zumba routine

Zumba - Bad Romance, Lady Gaga. Good warm up or cool down rotuine!