cool nautical packaging idea

Anytime you have the choice choose spring water over purified. Spring water has minerals whereas purified and distilled water have been stripped of their minerals.


A bunch of maps you didn’t know you needed

Jody, it's California and it's teal and it's a souvenir! Giant Feature Matchbook Souvenir from Mettler Hotel Mettler CA via albrechtsantiques

Paul Cocksedge's smartphones speaker

Paul Cocksedge's smartphones speaker: neat idea, but it will only serve to amplify the sub-par speaker of your phone.

Bitter Sisters Pinned from "From up North" Love all the bottles in this collection!

Packaging Inspiration

Single Brothers hired Working For More Work, led by Shane Cranford, to developed their sister bitter, cocktail mixer, Bitter Sister. A good spirit is only good as its packaging.