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I'm pretty sure I'm in love with River Song. can't help it. don't want to fix it.

She wasn't born to kill the Doctor (that's what the Silence wanted her to do) but no one's born shackled to a life thread of violence. She was born to be loved by her parents and by the Doctor.

Oh come on, boy, go and take her out of there!

River Song/Melody Pond played by the brilliant Alex Kingston

Unless you're River... haha just watched this for the 3rd time X)

River Song. Ok so I didn't like Rivers story arc as much as most other people. I feel like I would have liked her better if they had waited and she was more during Capaldi's time. And then her line of "he's so young" would have fit better if she had met 11 in the library. I just wish 11 and Clara had more time together I guess. 11 & Clara. 12 & River. My thoughts.

"Very, very interestingly, Steven has told Alex Kingston, who plays River, everything. Everything, about the whole story, about the whole arc, about where it’s all going, because her character is meant to know because she’s from the Doctor’s future. But told me nothing. So Alex knows. Which is infuriating." -Matt Smith. So she IS River...

(2) Season 6- May be "Spoilers" river

"You, me, handcuffs... Why must it always end this way?" *dies in pile of feels*