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  • Alyssa Barnes

    its called the "teddy bear dog" - one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen!!! Shih Tzu- Bichon Frise cross. Its so fluffy, I'm gonna die!! ;)

  • Roisin Kettle

    Fluffy puppy! Goldendoodle

  • Sarah Oliver

    "its called the "teddy bear dog" . Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. SOOOOO CUTE!! I'm thinking if it doesn't shed this might be the next pooch after my beautiful butterscotch horse aka golden doodle goes off to a green pasture in the sky in about 10 years!

  • Emily Sparks

    "its called the "teddy bear dog" So cute!" Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. if i ever got a little dog.

  • Jennifer Oxendale

    Its called the teddy bear dog. Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. Oh my goodness. Cutest dog ever!!

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Which one is real? lol

golden doodle oh myyy goooooodd! sooooo freaking cute... i want one sooo badly!!!

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