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Quick way to burn 100 calories!

hmmm if It really burns 100 calories.do this 5 times a day and burn 500 calories. There are 5 commercial breaks in a 1 hour tv episode. Burn 500 calories while watching your favorite show. Now, that sounds like a plan!

Wake Up and Move! A 5-Minute Energizing Warmup....I sure need something to get me going in the morning.  Now if only I can plan for the 5 extra minutes!!!

Too Cold to Get Out of Bed? A 5-Minute Energizing Warmup

jumping jacks are easy.

7000 jumping jacks is a lot lol, that's at least 1000 every day. 100 jumping jacks 10 times a day? Who has that kind of time?


~~pinned from site directly~~ . Here’s a body weight workout that focuses on the muscles of your core: your chest, all layers of your abdominal, and your back. Strengthening your core will help all aspects of your fitness.

Love this workout!!!

This is nuts! It's like 300 of each. Imagine if you did this on a daily basis. You'd be fit in no time.but that seems a little crazy.i dont know about the 1000 calories but its worth a shot

love this workout!!! working out and music are to of my favorite things... why not put them together?

One song workouts. Love this idea. More Idea, One Song Workouts, Fitness, Work…

ONE SONG WORKOUT will make you fit. http://thekoreandiet.com #SNSD #Fitness #Workout

One song workout


I based this off a few workouts, combining the workouts/reps that I found simple and easy to remember.

How to Lose Weight: Biggest Loser Style

How to Lose Weight: Biggest Loser Style Lose weight FAST with the Caveman / Paleo diet! Info about detox and low carb diet here - www.

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12 Pandora work out stations