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  • Katie Reece

    CUTE PRINTABLE (polka-dotty) classroom door signs!!!! Classroom Organization “Where Are We?” - I know this is for teachers, but could be an inspiration for other organization...

  • Kelly Schilhab

    Love this idea! Maybe with some pictures for my little ones. Smiling in Second Grade: Polka Dotted Freebies!!

  • Diane Cadenhead

    Mrs. Freshwaters Class: Classroom Organization Take 4 Where Are We? Love this idea!

  • Nicole Vesta

    CUTE PRINTABLE (polka-dotty) classroom door signs!!!! Mrs. Freshwaters Class: Classroom Organization Take 4 “Where Are We?” If each student had their name on a little velcro spot on their desk they could mark themselves into anyplace in or out of the classroom.

  • Alyssa Dietz

    Where are we? Great idea for the door when going out of the room :)

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Love this! I have seen these sayings before, but I really like how simple this one is. Might be better suited to a younger classroom then some of the longer sayings. I also like the cute :)

Can use this to show which special we have today

Program Board with Media Center Helper ideas. Helpers - to be named... Put slips in pockets with name of "helper" activity they can select when they come to help in the media center. Examples: Shelve Books Straighten Shelves (have sections listed) Dust Shelves Sharpen Pencils Clean Tables Book Level in E books (with PERMISSION ONLY) etc.

Rules of the easy to make...with an old board, black matte paint and a paint marker...assuming you have whimsical penmanship!

I really, really like this wall decoration for the students to see everyday.

I'm not sure why I still have to say this. Maybe a poster & cute saying will help them remember.

Lots of good behavioral graphics. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

Dismissal Checklist - I love this! Maybe give a few more minutes - I love the last item on the list!

This "I'm done..." board is a great way to remind students of their choices once they have completed the current activity. By having this posted as a bulletin board or poster within the room, students would have a visual reminder of the acceptable options they have while awaiting transition to the next activity. This procedure would help maintain order as well as keep faster students busy.

Gonna try to make this for my mother's 7th grade English class!! Great idea!! >The No Name Board. $8.00, via Etsy.

This poster needs to be in my classroom.