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I call my cat a traitor because he will leave me to go cuddle with my sister.

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I'm just a nice person, which in turn leaves me in awkward and embarrassing moments a lot of the time :s

All the time, then having to go back and watch the movie again to get what you missed while you were off figuring out who the actor was

IMDB is a lifesaver. Happens sooo many times. Drives Ash and I crazy!

Gotta try this...LOL..

If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

The perfect answer to: "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" (I hated it when my mom asked me that!)

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my daughter sent me this.The perfect answer to: "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" (I hated it when my mom asked me that!

lol. ive seriously thought about this

ive thought this through so many times, and how my phone would beep as I turned it down to silence!

This is so true!!! and stay up all night thinking it will land on your face!  Scary thoughts!

"The only thing worse than having a spider in your room. Is losing a spider in your room!" :: Lc- they're always easy to find though. Just look under your pillow.

The first time I rapped all of Lose Yourself by Eminem. That awesome feeling of how gangster you are the first time you rap your favorite part of a song without screwing up.

see more at so-relatable.tumblr.com hmm how does this remind me of.. ( @Francesca Galafti Galafti Rescigno )

lazy is a very strong word, i like to call it 'Selective participation'

Short girl problems

Short girl problems - Cara has her chair cranked up so high. She's short too though.

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This is exactly why I won't drink anything with ice without a straw.

Right? ;)

me too so true relatable post teenager post. I'm not a morning person

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