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Sky Jello = pure genius.  Clever!  This is cool for a "weather" unit.  Kids will remember this lesson about clouds!

sky jello: stiffly whip 2 cups of cream with cup sugar. blueberry jello in 2 cups boiling water. When dissolved add 2 cups ice to soft set jello quickly. Layer jello and whipped cream in parfait glasses.

Fish Bowl Jello! from Food.com: This is a huge hit! It looks so cool when completed!! Its a bit of work, but definitely worth it :-) If anyone makes this and takes a photo, please do post it!!! Prep time really varies.. so please make sure you set aside enough time to make this!!! Cook time is time to chill total. Like I said times really vary so please set aside some time. Requires 1 goldfish bowl (new is preferred hehe.. otherwise.. pleaaaaaaase clean the old one! haha)

Fish Bowl Jello

Making a Jello Fish Bowl ~ When looking for a fun dessert for kids to help make and eat, consider this cute Jello fish bowl. This is a guide about making a Jello fishbowl.

Blue Sky & Fluffy Clouds Jello recipe | BigOven

Blue Sky & Fluffy Clouds Jello

Blue Sky & Fluffy Clouds Jello recipe | BigOven

Broken Glass Jello - Step By Step Guide

Broken Glass Jello-This is the coolest Jello idea! Although it takes a bit of planning ahead for the Jello to cool, it looks like it would be a lot of fun. Make it into a holiday jello by using festive colors


Race car snack - Teddy bear, milky way bar and m's. Stick on the wheels with a small tube of gel icing, make a slit in the candy bar with a toothpick and carefully push the teddy graham in.

Taste the Rainbow... Jello! » Glorious Treats

Taste the Rainbow... Jello

To die for thin mint brownies Caramel Glazed Apple Bread Rainbow Jello Dessert colorful rainbow dessert whip cream jello layer

Formas criativas de servir gelatina em festa infantil | Macetes de Mãe

Formas criativas de servir gelatina em festa infantil

Lego Jell-O: Source: Grasping For Objectivity Legos aren& just for playing. Use these toys to make some stackable Jell-O, courtesy of Lemon Berry Moon.

I love the cupcakes in a jar, so cute and I love how colorful these are!!

Cupcakes baked in the jar! I baked these in a jar a few years ago and sealed them shut as if I canned them. Then mailed a couple to mark in Iraq for his birthday. His roommate and his still claim it was the best cake and very moist too!

Dirt cups & beach cups.

Been looking for Dirt cup recipe the beach cups look cool too. I can't tell what they used with the beach cups though.