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Narcs make deplorably bad parents.They are too focused on themselves to find children anything but an annoyance or a way to increase admiration and power. They view and treat their children only as extensions or reflections of themselves seeing them the way an advertiser sees a sign by the side of the road - as something to put their name on and use to build themselves up. Narcs deny their children's existence by insisting their children be and do what THEY want.

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My ex husband's wife is so classy that she attempts to insult me through Pinterest because my Facebook is set to private.


Children must always wear a seat belt.

"Children must ALWAYS wear a seatbelt. Except when you put 50 of them in a bus." I always wonder about the obvious lack of security in buses.


Got it, life…

very true.....

PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME child abuse Or they resent or are scarred by things that have been said against their father.

Yep Taffi, you're the disgusting EX, now go on with your life and stop creeping on my Pinterest page before I block you on here like I did on Facebook! must not be able to read a Court Order, therefore, let me refresh your memory honey ..... NO CONTACT MEANS NO CONTACT!!!! Have a nice life :)

Oh my goodness, Dale needs to use this quote on court against his ex wife and attorney, not exactly sure how either of them are able to make it through the day without tiny post it note reminding them how to breath, tie their shoes or unlock a door! It's the little things!

Bitch actually means Female Dog....sadly..this is an INSULT for all female dogs out there when it comes to my husbands EX. Female dogs don't act like her at all ... shame !!

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