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FAIL: Zero Requirements of Custodial Parent to Demonstrate Child Support Expenditures.

No hunny that money daddy sends every month is only called Child support. That's mommy's fun money. Maybe you can get a new coat next year.

Not that she needs a name tag, but this is brilliant

His Ex Wife...Im Mike Caldwell and I Aprove this message :)

I need something to survive my husbands ex wife lol

thats her nickname or was that her middle name either way many know her by that C word, lmao

I don't have kids which may make this even more hysterical :)

Slutty Ex Wife, took awhile to figure out which dad belonged to which kid

Never in a zillion years thought I would need this. Apparently, I am naive. Stepmom Advice: 5 Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Ex-Wife