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Tigre mask Guerrero 8 inches, painted Throughout Mexico one finds dances about fearsome man-eating jaguars, which may be holdovers from before the Spanish conquest. In preColumbian traditions these dances had the purpose of petitioning the jaguar god, the lord of all animals, so that he would permit successful hunting for the villagers. As a result of this historical-cultural background, the jaguar symbol became amalgamated or confused with that of the tiger.

Tigre (Jaguar) Mask Sierra de Puebla, State of Puebla, Mexico 7 Inches, painted wood, marbles The Totonac Indians in Puebla may call this a dog or a Jaguar, depending on the village. These masks take part in the Danza de los Huehues, sometimes in other dances, but in this area there doesn’t seem to be the classic Jaguar hunt dance that is so typical in the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca.

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Mexican Jaguar Mask Real boar's teeth, mirrors and boar bristles - in the USA it is hard to imagine the current use of these dance masks but the dances are real & meaningful - for more on Mexico visit #Mexico #Mexican #mask