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Awesome bible quote, and this is very true for me! My mind gets the best of me sometimes.

could not be more true

lol true story.

- greys anatomy

this makes me sad because there are so many people I want to stay with me now, and there will be so many more like that in the years to come:(

Sometimes we have to let go of what is killing us even if it's killing us to let it go . via | natures first green is gold

She's standing on a line between giving up & seeing how much she can take. #depression

Growth and change are painful, but not as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

Not all who wander are lost. - J. R. R. Tolkien

the worst job i ever had was full of negativity and disrespect. I left to do bigger and MUCH better things!!!!

small town

#CountryGirl #CountryQuotes #CountryMusic

Enjoy the ride #Snowboarding

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With the help of #SMIRNOFFSorbet, I’m getting a fresh start in Spring 2014 by exploring all the places I want to go. It's my dream to get to Italy, Greece and Spain. I want a refreshing start to summer with a nice trip where I can learn and meet new people! #SmirnoffContestEntry #SmirnoffContestEntry

Helluva Life ~ Frankie Ballard

#CountryGirl #CountryQuotes #CountryMusic

Sometimes you have to Just let go and see what happens

I got this. Don’t we all? It seems that we come across situations that stimulate our flight reaction instead of our fight more and more these days.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Stop look listen

Wise words

Don't let it happen again