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    Potty Treats Jar

    Potty training idea...fingers crossed!! Maybe this will get Ava out of regression!!

    How I potty Trained my Daughter in 3 Days! these are the best tips i have ever read, i wish i had this when i was potty training mine, now they are perfect for grandbabies

    Calming jar: tell child that they need a break and may come back when everything has settled to the bottom.

    Considering this for a potty training reward system. Candy is not working...

    Potty Training Chart Blank

    Potty Training Resources - this is honestly FANTASTIC info, and even has a printable potty chart to do with the sticker system, which worked great with Lynz!

    Potty Training Tips- Dye the toilet water with red or blue food coloring -- when he goes potty it will change color to orange or green, turning potty training into a game.WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

    How to potty train in ONE day! I've used this method for all 3 of my girls. Highly recommended. :)

    Minnie Mouse underwear! Great reward for my potty training girl.

    For later toddler years: The "You Shall Not Pass" sign. A visual limit to how much toilet paper the child can take! Great for potty training!

    Once you understand exactly HOW Toilet Training is done, it's much FASTER to get your child out of diapers for good. Weird Tricks That Makes Potty Training Easy and possible within 3 Days.

    Never thought of this...Great Bday potty training gift for a 2-3 year old boy or girl

    potty train in three days - my key points to remember: naked time, no pull-ups - only undies keep reminding him consistently weeks after.

    umm really!?? // Seriously the best way to potty train. My 1 yr old started wanting to potty at 9 mo. so we started going. Now she is eagerly trying to go in the potty whenever we put her on it and hates having wet pants. I will probably do the same thing with my new baby when she is old enough.

    14 tricks to potty training success. These are amazing! I wish I had read this with my 3 boys, but I do still have one more to go.

    Turn the pack and play into a ball pit- just buy balls!!! - why did I never think of this??? Brillant!

    How to Potty Train in a Week. (I will be glad i pinned this someday)

    To help potty train your kiddos... Reward them for potty success with tickets and a "Potty Piggy" and then let them take their reward tickets to the general store for some shopping fun! Works like a charm!