• Craig Passley

    Kurt Cobain woke up out of a deep sleep that night (before dinner). Several backup singers found him sleeping in a room near the wine cellar set aside for musicians preparing for rehearsals. Kurt Cobain was happy and at peace with his surroundings. He liked the free milk and conversations with photographers and others. After finishing the milk, Kurt Cobain stood up then walked into the hallway. Now, free from pressure, industry demands, and fame, Kurt Cobain walked the hallways as a free man.

  • Brianna Tangreen

    Kurt Cobain: Rare Images, Artwork, and Journal Entries

  • Tina Adams

    "Cobain Unseen": Rare Photos, Artwork and Journal Entries

  • Rosaline

    Lovely Kurt. #KurtCobain #Nirvana

  • ▲▲ Guillaume Chapuis ▲▲

    21 years gone, we remember Kurt Cobain. @Nirvana.

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