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Space Achievement stamps issued 21 May 1981. Scott Catalog 1912 to 1919.

This is one of five Space Fantasy stamps issued in 1993. Is it still "fantasy"?

US postage stamp, 15 cent. Einstein. Issued 1979. Scott catalog 1774.

US postage stamp, 15 cent. Seeing For Me. Issued 1979. Scott catalog 1787.

US Postage stamp, 3c, New Hampshire, Live Free or Die, The Old Man of the Mountains, issued 21 June 1955 Scott catalog 1068.

US postage stamp, 15 cent. Christmas - Stained glass Madonna. Issued 1980. Scott catalog 1842.

US postage stamp, 15 cents. John Steinbeck. Issued 1979. Scott catalog 1773.

US postage stamp, 15 cents. Photography. Issued 1978. Scott catalog 1758.

Ethiopia First Issued postage stamp 1894

US postage stamp, 15 cent. Edith Wharton. Issued 1980. Scott Catalog 1832.

US postage stamp, 15 cent, Whitney Moore Young, Black Heritage. Issued 1981. Scott Catalog 1875.

US postage stamp, 3 cents. Everglades National Park, Florida. Issued 1947. Scott catalog 952.

US postage stamp, 15 cent. Letters Lift Spirits, P.S. Write Soon. Issued 1980. Scott catalog 1807, 1808.

US Postage stamp, 13 cents. Signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Issued 1976. Scott catalog 1691 to 1694.

US postage stamp, 13 cent. Jimmie Rodgers, Singing Brakeman. Performing Arts. Issued 1978. Scott catalog 1755.

Cuban stamp, 1981.

US postage stamps, 15 cent. Coral Reefs. Brain Coral: U.S. Virgin Islands. Elkhorn Coral: Florida. Chalice Coral: American Samoa. Finger Coral: Hawaii. Issued 1980. Scott Catalog 1827 to 1830.

US Postage Stamp, 15 cents, Endangered Flora, Contra Costa Wallflower, Anticoch Dunes Evening Primrose, Persistent Trillium, Hawaiian Wild Broadbean. Issued 1979. Scott Catalog 1783 to 1786.

Many Russian stamps from the 1930s to 50s were printed by collotype, an unusual process which produces an almost microscopic random grain rather than a conventional halftone screen, making it virtually continuous tone. It was more usually applied to fine art reproduction and is now almost extinct. These were issued in 1937.

This stamp was issued in 1990.

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